Christine	Binnie

Christine Binnie

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The Binnie Sisters Blackboard TimeSpiral, Kunstraum, 2020
Archival pigment print on Canson, Infinity Platine, Fibre Rag 310g paper 
20 x 24 inches (50.8 x 61.0 centimeters)

Edition of 5

© Christine Binnie, 2020.
Photographer: Andy Keate
Kunstraum, Gallery, London

I am a potter and a performance artist, I make things and make things happen. Working on the crossover between craft, art and action, I make installations, live performances, sculptures and ceramic artworks. I am a founding member of the Neo Naturists performance collective. I collaborate with my sister Jennifer as the Binnie Sisters. I also collaborate with Dr Jill Westwood, as Miss Marina Psycopomp of the Counter Intuitive Homodynamic.

My domestic ceramics are often subverted with contradictory words and images. The crossover continues with ceramic works as documents of performance activities. This creates a dynamic, shamanic energy between pots, performances and installations. People use my pots, in using them they are creating performances.

Worked with Kunstraum:-
Created Binnie Sisters Blackboard TimeSpiral, 2020 for semi retrospective ‘The Muddy Clearing’ with Jennifer Binnie (March 2020), Blackboard TimeSpiral, ‘Rubbing Out’, Performance (Aug 2020), ‘The Muddy Streaming’, (20 March) ‘Another Muddy Streaming’ (10 April). Performances for Whitecross Street festival, (2018) BACCHANAL (2019)

Worked with Studio Voltaire:-
Neo Naturist retrospective exhibition (2016),
Featured artists for the Christmas House of Voltaire(2019)
Ceramic Artworks in House of Voltaire Shop (2016-2020)

As Miss Marina Psycopomp of the Counterintuitive Homodynamic:-
Alternative Miss World, The Globe, (2015)
Walking Dreaming, Kunstraum, (March 2020)

‘We are the Eighties’, Holburne, Bath (March 2020)
The Immeasurable Exhibition, ThamesSide Gallery (2019)
‘Neo Naturists’ AMW, The Globe (2018)
‘Neo Naturist Life Class’ Hayward Gallery(2012)
‘Secret Public’ Munich and ICA (London, 2007)

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