Richard Ikhide

Richard Ikhide

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Future Past Profile 1, 2020

Archival pigment print on Canson, Infinity Platine, Fibre Rag 310g paper 
16 x 12 inches (40.6 x 30.5 centimeters)
Edition of 25

© Richard Ikhide, 2020.

Mythology and the ideas and principles found within Myth. Through reading and studying Mythos from different cultures I have observed that there are shared principles and archetypes that appear throughout the world, in looking into these cultures and drawing objects from their ancient past, this helps to inform my understanding and relationship to these cultures. I am interested in how we can better understand our connection to the past and how the human psyche has evolved through the ages. Exploring the commonality between different ethnicities in society and, how we share overarching principles through Mythology, in a time where we have instantaneous access to works from these different cultures via the Internet these common elements become more apparent and visible, in working with these images and drawing from them help to inform a new type of symbol making one that sits within the ‘future-past’, with the works I’m creating speaking to the past and the potential of our future if we integrate these ancient myths, archetypes and objects into our collective psyche.

Richard Ayodeji Ikhide is interested in exploring shared concepts between different ethnicities in society and how we share common principles through our Mythologies. He enjoys the immediacy of drawing and being able play around with different expressions and forms it can take. His Painting is greatly informed by his Drawings, as they are an extension of the latter. His association with drawing links back to the 1st ever marks made by early humans, as drawing has always been at the core of the development of the human imagination.